September 26, 2021
wedding venue Bali

3 reasons why you must choose Bali as a wedding venue

Tying sacred vows with loved ones is a precious moment that is expected to happen only once in a lifetime. No wonder many want to have a very memorable wedding party and choose an exotic place, one of which is the  wedding venue Bali. Bali is one of the dream islands of many couples, here are some reasons that you must know!

Reasons for Choosing Bali as a Wedding Party Venue

1. Bring out the Beauty of the Panorama

The island of the gods has irreplaceable beauty, so it is the target of many people to hold parties at this place. You will be treated to extraordinary views that will amaze anyone. Therefore, many people take Bali as a wedding venue, especially those who want to carry the outdoor concept.

Outdoor weddings are quite a trend this year, because the costs that must be prepared are relatively affordable. One of the best locations is of course the Island of the Gods with a very beautiful beach background, complete with a rustic concept or flower knick-knacks in every corner of the place. That way this precious moment will be remembered very sweetly in the future.

2. Complete facilities

Claimed to have complete facilities, the Bali wedding venue confirms this from a number of the best vendors that are available. You no longer need to look for wedding vendors from your hometown, because the island of the Gods has provided them. From beach treats suitable for parties to knick-knacks and chapel-like decorations against a sea backdrop.

Bali has several very beautiful beaches, so you can choose one of them to be the best place to bind the sacred promise of two people. The Island of the Gods is not the only beautiful island in Indonesia, but in fact the facilities of this island are more complete. You can also honeymoon after having a party here, so the complete package is affordable right?

3. Suitable for private weddings

One of the trends of weddings in Indonesia lately is holding private parties. The concept carried is quite simple with a limited number of invited guests, such as close friends and relatives. This makes you more economical on your budget because there are not many people attending, the party location is not too large, and the food served is not much.

What makes this trend loved by many people is that the bride and groom can interact with invited guests. You don’t have to sit in the aisle, so you can walk to each guest and chat for a moment. This will create intimacy by choosing a Bali wedding venue, especially if you are having a party at Villa The Surga.


The wedding party that is held certainly wants to be one of the precious moments that will not be forgotten. You can make this happen if you choose Bali as a wedding party venue with a unique and simple concept. Besides being unique, you can use the concept of an intimate party with a limited number of guests so that this special moment is more memorable.

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